Socio-economic Development:

  • Promoting sector-specific learnerships and bursaries;
  • Tertiary education development; and
  • Early childhood education.


Preference is given to projects where the following groups are major beneficiaries (>50%):

  • Previously disadvantaged individuals (“PDI”)
  • PDI youth (10 to 25 years)
  • Black women
  • PDI communities


Delta’s SED programme also looks to include:

  • Donations and sponsorships in line with the preference criteria above;
  • An ethics framework and the reduction of corruption including detection and response to fraud and corruption’
  • Consumer protection;
  • Environment and the rejuvenation of city centres where Delta has a footprint; and
  • Encouragement of DPAM to get its employees to volunteer on various projects that Delta supports.

Delta’s SED objectives

  • To make a sustainable and tangible difference in the lives of the communities where Delta has a dominant nodal footprint; aligned to the objectives of the Code and government’s national development plan by 2030;
  • Enhance the skill set within the property sector by:
    • Promoting property-specific learnerships and bursaries;
    • Tertiary educational development; and
    • Early childhood education.